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Easily bored, incessantly curious. Self-subscribed Left Libertarian, wannabe political philosopher. Ex macro hedge fund monkey summoned by the crypto god.

System Architect

Built Maverick’s investment system on crypto & equity.

1st Principle Thinker, BS Destroyer

Leaves no assumption unchecked. Nothing to fear in truth.

Superpower: high-conviction introversion.

Inner peace, rarely needing external validation.

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Simiao Li
Founder & CIO

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Asa Li

Research Lead

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His education sits at the weird intersection between politics and computers, i.e. done a blockchain major before it formally exists.

Tech stack explorer

Spent 100h figuring out why exactly Solana breaks down.

Victim of grand dreams

Still thinks Terra was super exciting.

Extrovert and explainer

Vying to draw some of the best viz in crypto.

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Colin Huang

Trading Lead

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He followed the common path of getting an engineering degree and working in corpo- rates, but quickly went off trail.

Asymmetric Risk Seeker

Thinks in probabilities, loves risk, but only calculated ones.

“Draw A Line” Trader

Can trade anything with candlesticks lol.

Not a fan of pico top

Immune to FOMOing.

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Research Nomad

We were steeped in academia learning three assembly languages & studying paleography until the pandemic intruded and a friend called on a Friday night. 

We are gamers

Spicing up the vibe with our home-brewed space invader.

We are Skeptics

Intellectually restless, solitude over enforced camaraderie.

We are Homo Appetitus

No yummies then we are hangry.

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